Bi-Annual Township Clean-Up


In April and October of each year Portage Township provides dumpsters at the township maintenance complex, 2501 East State Road, for residents to dispose of accumulated trash.  The biannual community clean-up times are on Friday and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm during the cleanup.These dates are Townnship employees are on hand daily to assist residents in unloading. (Check the township newsletter for exact dates of the events.)


Residents may dispose of accumulated trash, Freon-free appliances, tire rims, oil-free engine parts and small amounts of construction debris.  The clean-up is intended to provide an opportunity for residents to dispose of accumulated household items.  It is not intended to provide an opportunity for residents to cut remodeling and home renovation costs by disposing of excessive amounts of siding, shingles, or other construction material.

Commercially produced refuse will be refused.  Daily household garbage, tires, asbestos, liquid waste, batteries, or yard waste cannot be accepted.  Please keep these guidelines in mind when bringing items for disposal.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated and expected.  As always, proof of residency will be required.  Materials which do not comply with the above guidelines will be refused.  If you have questions about the suitability of a material you would like to dispose of, feel free to call the maintenance garage at 419-732-3543 for clarification.

Commercial Versus Residential
The biannual township cleanup is offered to provide township residents the opportunity to dispose of accumulated household trash.  Guidelines and restrictions are always published prior to the events.  The cleanup is not intended for commercial enterprises to dispose of the waste generated by their businesses. Also, if an individual is renting property in the township, he/she is a resident and welcome to take advantage of the activity.  But, if that renter moves out leaving an accumulation of trash, the landlord then has the “commercial” responsibility of disposing of the accumulation in order to prepare the property for the next renter.  Landlords are encouraged to require security deposits when renting housing in Portage Township to help cover those costs of doing business.