Portage Township Brush Pick-Up


Residents are reminded that brush pick-up occurs on the first Tuesday of each month.

  • Please remember that it is very helpful to the township employees if branches are set near the road with the largest ends closest to the shoulder.  That will facilitate easy feeding into the chipper.
  • The brush pick up is not intended for branches over 4” in diameter.
  • Please keep in mind that the township chipper cannot safely handle beach debris or material such as stumps, rocks, dirt, nails, metal, or sand.
  • Yard waste, is not appropriate for the regularly scheduled brush pick-up.  The township provides an enclosure behind the salt shed at the maintenance complex on State Road for residents to drop off compostable materials such as garden and lawn clippings.
  • During the fall leaf collection in November, please be sure to keep brush separate from leaves.  They are handled by two totally different pieces of machinery.

Commercial Versus Residential
The brush pick-up service is intended to help the residents of Portage Township live in a safe and eco-friendly fashion.  It is not provided to subsidize commercial ventures by disposing of excessive amounts of brush for individuals or businesses in Portage Township with a commercial intent of making a profit.  If someone other than the resident profits from or is paid for the removal of a tree, he/she is responsible for the disposal of the brush.

Thanks for your cooperation.  Feel free to call the township office at 419-732-3543 with any questions.