Yard Waste Drop-Off


With the help of a $6,800 grant from the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca County Joint Solid Waste Management District, Portage Township is now able to provide another needed service to its residents.  A yard waste drop-off site has been constructed on the north side (back) of the salt shed located at the township maintenance complex.

The Drop-Off Site is accessible during daylight hours for residents to drop off compostable yard material.  Acceptable material includes grass clippings, flower trimmings, vegetable garden waste, accumulations of unwanted plant material, sod, etc.  Residents are encouraged to leave branches, sticks and other woody materials by the side of the road for the monthly brush pick-up.  If you have a question about the suitability of material for the yard waste drop-off site, please call the maintenance garage at 419-732-3543 for clarification.

We ask that only biodegradable materials be dropped off.  If you bring materials in a bag or container, please take the bag/container home and reuse it, recycle it, or properly dispose of it.  Items such as rocks, stone, beach debris, or stumps are unacceptable.  Of course, the township will continue its curbside pick-up of brush on the first Tuesday of each month and leaves during the month of November.

On a regular basis, township employees will move the material to an off-site location where it can break down and become a nutrient-rich material.  The compost will then be made available to residents to be used as a supplement for garden soils.